Vital Dinamic Deutschland

Function and design in perfect harmony

Innovative products from Vital Dinamic lend colour to offices, labs, workshops and factories

Vital Dinamic specialises in the manufacture of ergonomic products that reduce the stresses and strains of long periods spent sitting down or standing up. The company’s products are the result of intensive scientific research and collaboration with well-known ergonomics experts at the University of Zaragoza – and their innovative nature is confirmed by the fact that they are all protected by patents
“Ergonomic products”, explains Juan Bellvis Castillo, owner of Vital Dinamic, “are often rather grey and dull, and the result is that nobody uses them the way they should. Our mission is to free these products from the corner they find themselves in and give them an attractive modern design.”
This is achieved, for example, by using bright colours that customers can select to configure the products themselves.
One Vital Dinamic product is a dynamic standing support that takes the strain off the back and limbs; another is a dynamic footrest that improves blood circulation for people who work in a sedentary position.