Kwintet Deutschland GmbH

Functionality and safety for adults and children

Kwintet pays particular attention to functionality when designing professional clothing. A system of coordinated clothing layers combines optimum wearing comfort with protection and functionality. Both the KANSAS and FRISTADS brands - with their latest products and new collections - will not only surprise the grown-ups but also the children at this year's A+A.
In the truest sense of the word, workwear is clothing for work and is worn for many hours every day when working. So it must not only be comfortable but, at the same time, provide the best possible protection against external influences. Functionality is also important. For example, the clothing must ensure that one's skin stays dry in spite of sweating during arduous physical work. When working outside, especially in the rain, the clothing one wears should also be breathable. When it is cold, the clothing must keep you warm to prevent cold-induced illnesses. The Kwintet Group, with its brands KANSAS and FRISTADS, succeeded decades ago in meeting these manifold demands; it developed an elaborate, functional multi-layer system to provide protection and comfort the whole year round. Regular improvements of and additions to the ranges not only guarantee compliance with the latest safety standards but also with the latest fashion trends. There will be many novelties to see at the A+A 2005 as regards function and design. Both brands have enlarged their shirt programme of breathable high-tech material. And there will be new functional underwear for industry and trade. Due to the large response in the market place, there are new additions to the reflective clothing (EN 471) and the wind- and weatherproof versions (ENV 343 and EN 471) in the Rain and Work range. Kwintet also has a lot to offer as regards multiple safety! New multifunctional protective clothing in the KANSAS heat protection range combines protection against heat and chemicals with trendy features. And, with its two coloured, very attractive FLAM collection, FRISTADS has succeeded in creating reflective clothing which also protects against heat. Apropos "protection and safety”: the latest developments for youngsters will also be on display at the A+A 2005 - the experience and know-how of Europe's leading manufacturer for professional clothing is also incorporated in the collection "Hits for Kids”. Protection and safety are important, regardless of age!