Gusbi Officina Meccanica S.p.A.


Specialized in the production of machines for POLYURETHANE moulds including SOLES, SHOES, BOOTS and TECHNICAL ITEMS both injected and cast, GUSBI, which has been synonymous with RELIABILITY since 1946, presents its latest cutting-edge technological developments to a worldwide clientele.

In the footwear market GUSBI is synonymous with machines that produce soles and shoes in single and double density polyurethane. Already held in high esteem for its plant installations and straight onto upper injection of soles, like the DS800 automatic rotary machine, this Vigevano based company has also decided to introduce its caster technology for casual and safety shoes using plastic moulds.

This unique production method offer a variety of advantages compared to the traditional system of injection. Among them are included a initial investment which costs 40% less, lower maintenances costs and, above all, a more even distribution of the material in the mould since it is also possible to tilt it, making it an extremely competitive casting system.

Also very interesting is the production itself: for example, a machine with 40 stations and 8" cycle allows 225 pairs of double density shoes/hour to be produced.

The caster technology also allow the density of the expanded sole to be reduced, in either single or dual density, guaranteeing a better adhesion of the sole to the upper. With this kind of installation, the initial costs of investment and costs of production are significantly reduced thanks to the higher pair/hour rate.

Among the machines recently developed by GUSBI, of particular interest is the new S series, a family of machines for POLYURETHANE BOOTS production with 8 to 18 or more stations, characterized by the extreme simplicity of the mould carrier with multiple locking mechanism, self cleaning injectors with automatic screw changing system, and color change in the pouring head.