Nueva Sibol S.L.

Gas Filters Customization

• How many times have you thought about creating your own product range of personal protection?
• Providing a personalized respiratory protection, apart from the competition by providing a unique product tailored to your customer.
• SIBOL offers you the possibility to customize your filters against gas and vapours.

SIBOL offers the opportunity to enhance your professional image by Customizing your filters for gas and vapours, with different patterns and levels of protection to suit the needs of each job.

The technological support, laboratory, manufacturing and quality assurance system that SIBOL has, will be yours. Emphasize that the Quality System approved by SIBOL in the framework of ISO 9001:2000 complies with the Art. 11B, which means that the laboratory tests are carried out in every manufacture, according to the Harmonized Standards and the approval of the PPE is verified in each manufacture.

You can also benefit from a huge range of management and advisory services, management certifications, differentiation of product labeling, creating instruction manuals to measure, etc.

Trust SIBOL as yours European security partner, and will give the guarantee in manufacturing, design and experience you need.
• National Manufacturing
• Fast Delivery: 4 weeks
• Minimun amount per order (1.200 units)
• Competitive prices