Leon De Oro Nets UK Ltd.


Gator-Grip is designed to make the installation and use of safety netting quicker, easier and safer in portal framed buildings, on mezzanine floors and any site where men are required to be protected by a safety net. Gator-Grip offers a number of enhanced safety features as well as single hand operation.

Gator-Grip is designed to be used on C and I section steel beams where it physically grips the steelwork. The Gator-Grip operates by means of a spring loaded cam which clamps the beam between itself and a rubber booted carriage. The cam action grips the beam during the installation process, preventing accidental dislodging of the device and the design of the Gator-Grip means that it can be installed using only one hand. The rubber boot on the main carriage adds to the grip and means that Gator-Grip is uniquely able to remain in position on sloping beams. Gator-Grip also has the advantage of being able to locate securely on a narrow beams and retain its inherent benefits!

Furher information can be found on www.gator-grip.co.uk