Gender and Occupational Safety and Health

The British Trade Union Congress (TUC) has reconvened its Women's Health and
Safety Working Group. The Group is focussing on a gender-sensitive approach to
occupational health and safety and ensuring equal rights to protection for all
workers. A Network has been set up so that safety reps can post

  • details of recent research on Gender and Occupational Safety and Health (GOSH)
  • information about what is happening in the UK, Europe and other countries
  • requests for information on particular topics
  • experience of dealing with gender and health and safety issues
  • debates about the best way to develop a gender sensitive approach.

I includes a discussion Board where you can chat and discuss ideas and issues
with other group members. You can choose to start a new topic for discussion,
or read existing topics and add your reply to what has already been said.

The British Trade Union Congress informs that there are four big health
problems affecting working women: stress, manual handling, musculoskeletal
problems and violence at work. More topics discussed on their pages include:

  • Unsuitable hours of work
  • Job insecurity
  • high levels of demand
  • Working in isolation
    - Poor quality social interactions

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