Trelleborg Protective Products AB

German Brigade Upgrades PPE

Hamburg Feuerwehr in Germany has upgraded to TRELLEBORG PROTECTIVE PRODUCTS' Trellchem EVO type 1a (Level A), fully encapsulated chemical protective suits for first responders.

The brigade will also have Trellchem EVO type 1b suits in service.

According to reports, Hamburg Feuerwehr selected the Trellchem EVO suit because of its abiility to withstand harsh environments and its compliance to the stringent regulations and standards applying to protective suit materials and the suits themselves. Trelleborg says, that the suits can be donned quickly and provide comfort to the wearer, while the built-in flash protection and superior abrasion resistance allow Hamburg Feuerwehr's responders to perform their jobs with greater functionality and safety.

Trellchem EVO suit material and seams have successfully performed in chemical permeation resistance tests (permeation rate: 0.1 microgram per sq cm and minute) with the 20 industrial test chemicals that are the most hazardous and aggressive listed in EN 943-2 and in the American standard NFPA 1991. The test regime was undertaken for 24 hours, which is well in excess of the traditional test length of 8 hours.

The Trellchem EVO is a reusable, single skin suit made of a new garment material developed and produced by Trelleborg. It is a combination of specialised rubber and polymer barrier laminates, together with a special woven fabric that forms a strong and flexible material, offering outstanding chemical resistance to chemical flash fire, liquefied (cryogenic) gases, abrasion, punctures and tears.

Standard features include antifog lens, Trellchem bayonet glove ring system and high impact resistant visor with tear-off lens to protect the visor from scratches.

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