How to promote participative health risk management

RISKTRAINER is a Belgian initiative aiming at involving workers in health risk
management. It's addressed to anyone interested in prevention at the workplace.
RISKTRAINER offers a two-step training: distance learning courses and a
training session.

Recent practices show that the participation of workers in health risk
management and in the implementation of prevention measures results is the best
cost/efficiency ratio. For the implementation of such a participative risk
management, the human factor needs to be considered as a crucial one. Safety
officers, occupational health physicians as well as anyone who's interested in
occupational health issues, need to become actual "animators of prevention".

RISKTRAINER contains a web site, a training session and a handbook. It offers:

  • A structured and specific methodology, tools to animate group sessions and
    useful resources to lead initiatives in companies

  • Learning sequences and useful references for enhancing educational and
    communicational skills.

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