SAmAs GmbH Software für Arbeitsmedizin und Arbeitssicherheit

Innovation in health care and occupational safety

Innovation in health care and occupational safety

Online protocol log from 1.10 € per employee per year

The software manufacturer SAmAs GmbH presents its new online-based application ‘sSafety’ - a complete new innovation in occupational healthcare.

The software manufacturer SAmAs GmbH, located in Paderborn, Germany, launches a new online software ‘sSafety’ designed for occupational healthcare - an absolute innovation in cloud computing for occupational medical precaution.

SAmAs, one of the leading German suppliers of software for health care and safety at work, the release of this online-based software solution is a direct response to an amendment of the regulation to preventive occupational medical care by the federal ministry of labour and social affairs. The new regulation specifies that companies be obliged to monitor all of the employee’s precaution plans - mandatory, offered and voluntary plans.
‘With our online-based application ‘sSafety’ we want to support employers and company doctors equally and contribute to the occupational health care in companies. ‘sSafety’ wants to strengthen occupational healthcare and reduce the huge administrative burden this causes for companies. All this comes at an unbeatable price’ says Michael Schulte, the general manager from SAmAs, who founded the company 22 years ago.

The legal obligation for employers, to keep a protocol log for safety at work, has been extended significantly. Regular invitations and reminders for employees are mandatory for the employers, even if the employee rejects participation. If the employer does not keep a protocol log, or does so incorrectly or incompletely he constitutes an infringement of the law and risks to be fined. ‘sSafety’ is the optimal software solution to comply with safety at work in companies of all sizes and offers all the relevant tools to handle preventive occupational medical care effectively, says Mr. Schulte.

Prior to undergoing a medical examination employees need to be fully informed by the company doctor about content, purpose and risk of the examination. This way the employee can make use of his right to self-determination and decide whether to agree to the prevention plan that the employer is offering on a mandatory basis. If employees do not show up to the examinations due to their right to self-determination then monitoring and sending out regular invitations becomes a huge administrative effort. The established common practice, to organize this via the personnel office or the company doctor, fails here.

‘Our new online application offers the solution for this. Whether it’s for mandatory or offered precaution or pre-employment examination, sSafety is the platform which meets all operational and legal demands, it reduces the workload within the companies and represents an important component in occupational health management.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us’, says Joachim Kestermann, the project manager of safety.

For further information about sSafety you can visit our website www.ssafety.net . You can also contact us via email info@ssafety.com or via phone by calling +49 (0) 5251 20565-0.