Schoeller Textil AG

Innovative fabrics and technologies for workwear presented for the first time at A+A

Extreme sportsmen love it, and motor cyclists swear by it – now it is also available on the workwear market: high-tech fabrics from Schoeller Switzerland. The company, which began in 1868, has been a leading supplier of highly functional protective fabrics for the last 25 years and has been supplying comfortable stretch fabric for over 40 years. This knowledge and experience, in combination with the most modern textile technologies in the world, is now being applied in the works division, founded in April 2009. schoeller®-works concentrates its focus on the specific requirements in the area of workwear. In one of the world’s most innovative textile firms, a professional team specializes in developing individual solutions with added value in terms of safety, esprit and service. The result is the exciting product line; schoeller®-works, offering an optimum combination of highly functional fabrics and textile technologies for uniforms, fashionable corporate wear and protective workwear. schoeller®-works is also to be a synonym for “advanced workwear“, in which the high safety norms of this branch dovetail with stae-of-the-art comfort and sustainable production. In addition, customer specific solutions, such as those for fire departments, technical emergency response units, military use and industry, are a focus of the service provided by the specialized center in Sevelen. The schoeller®-works collection is on show for the first time at A+A in Düsseldorf and scores high with innovations from the areas of nanotechnology and biomimicry. At the Schoeller stand, in addition to the topic “Safety + Comfort”, visitors to this leading international fair for safety, security and health at work will be presented with the first intelligent membranes, doubly- effective sun protection, an extremely high performance water and dirt repelling textile finish and a sustainable textile production standard.

Schoeller Switzerland

Schoeller Textil AG is a Swiss-based company which operates internationally. We specialize in the development and manufacture of functional fabrics and textile technologies for the areas of active sports, fashion and workwear. Schoeller can call on many years of know-how, possesses the most modern equipment and manufactures in accordance with the world’s most stringent environmental standard, bluesign®.
In all its activities, Schoeller focuses on optimum quality, therefore, in the development of schoeller®-works fabrics, the entire production chain is put to the test, from the raw materials to the finished product. In cooperation with universities and research institutes, complex customer-specific and sector-specific solutions are developed such as those for military use, fire departments or for industry. Textiles and technologies are subjected to stringent testing both in the laboratory and in practice, carried out either directly by the company or by independent test institutes such as the EMPA St. Gallen, the ETH Zurich or the textile research institute in Saxony, the Sächsischen Textilforschungsinstitut. Articles requiring EN norm identification have already been tested for EN-conformity.


Schoeller produces in accordance with the guidelines of the bluesign® standard, the world’s strictest production standard with regard to EHS requirements (Environment, Health and Safety), and was centrally involved in its development. Because Schoeller’s aim is to develop innovative textiles and textile technologies that reflect the “Best Available Technology" and are sustainable, therefore, each new Schoeller development begins with the question of bluesign® conformity. For finishing technologies based on chemical products, in particular, the bluesign® standard offers reliable safety for producers and consumers.
The bluesign® standard guarantees the greatest possible freedom from harmful substances and the most efficient use of resources throughout the entire textile chain. Only those components are acceptable which are not harmful to humans or the environment and which do not waste our valuable resources.