Peter Greven Physioderm GmbH

Integrated concepts for tomorrow’s occupational skin protection

In October, occupational skin protection enters a new dimension: at A+A 2011 in Düsseldorf, Peter Greven Physioderm again presents innovative products and concepts. “Physioderm nature” is the first NATRUE-certified product line for occupational skin protection. With this product line, companies gain a sustainable alternative in order to protect both, skin and nature, equally. The new universal dispenser system PHYSIOMATâ COMPLETE provides a hygienic and comfortable dispensing, even in strongly frequented lavatories. A completely revised tube and label design optimises the usability of Physioderm solutions further. And last but not least, the increasing product range of fragrance-free products offers efficient protection also to allergy sufferers. Please visit Peter Greven Physioderm from 18th to 21st October at booth 6B25\..B29 in hall 6.

Skin protection completely natural
“With our natural cosmetics line ‘Physioderm nature’, we celebrate a special premiere at A+A”, says Dr. Manfred Matzel, managing director of Peter Greven Physioderm GmbH. “As the first skin protection expert, we offer a product line exclusively consisting of natural compounds, which covers all three pillars of an effective skin protection concept: skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care.” Any synthetic fragrances and colorants cannot be found here. Physioderm nature products are as natural as they can be – this contains natural and organic ingredients, soft manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly practices. The innovative product range includes the hand cleansing paste ACTIVE PEARLSâ PLUS for heavy dirt, the cleansing gel STEPHALENâ PURE, the intensive skin care cream CARE PURE as well as the skin protection cream NUTRI SAFE.

Elaborated dispensing technique
The newly developed dispenser system PHYSIOMATâ COMPLETE facilitates the usage of Physioderm products and makes it even more convenient. The universal dispenser is suitable for all kinds of products – for skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care products as well as for disinfectants. With only a few movements, the product container can be placed in the dispenser; the respectively suitable pump is part of the cartridge. Therefore, creams, lotions, gels and foam products are always optimally and hygienically dispensed as the pump is replaced with every refill. The well-shaped allrounder has especially been developed for lavatories in the industrial, administrative and public sector and is also available as a touch-less version. Its slim design and the carrying capacity of up to one litre make the dispenser attractive for various application areas.

Relaunch of the Physioderm product range – a plus of usability and compliance
Even better usability: Physioderm’s new tube and label design provides clarity. Pictograms indicate the application area, prevent confusion and save time when searching for the right product. Moreover, the product brochure was newly designed. Now, it contains a detailed information part giving an interesting overview concerning the domain of occupational skin protection. Therefore, decision makers and employees are not only sensitised for the topic, but they are also motivated to practice effective skin protection in their everyday work.
Extended product range of fragrance-free products
More and more people are allergic to perfume and as a result, fragrance-free products become more and more important in the domain of individual prevention.
Peter Greven Physioderm faces the increasing demand with an extended range of high-value fragrance-free skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care products.