Sierra Exports Inh. Umesh Chamadia

Introduction of Thermo Blade™ Aramid Gloves

Extra Ordinary! Add extra to the ordinary with Thermo Blade™ Gloves

Sierra Exports introduces a new range of Thermo Blade™ Aramid gloves for high cut and moderate heat resistance made with our special Aramid engineered yarns that do not contain any glass and steel fibres unlike the traditional yarns. And offering risk protection as Required for Cut, Heat and Flame resistance. These gloves are made in 13G and are EN388 CUT5 and ANSI CUT3. Thermo Blade™ gloves incorporate new Improved dipping technology with Nitrile super thin foam and sandy Finish enhancing the performance.

In the coming year, we will also be able to offer chemical protection gloves in Nitrile foam and Nitrile sandy finish coatings.