ARTRA s.r.o.

Introduction of innovative technology PU/RPU

Formula DM-24

In February 2015 we invested in the third rotary line for the production of soles. This completely robotized 24 station rotary line STEMMA Formula DM-24 is the first of its kind in Europe and represents the absolute cutting-edge technology. It allows to produce single density PU, double density PU/RPU and PU/RUBBER/TPU soles by unique, technologically innovative method. PU/RPU technology is patented production system, by which the outsole part of the sole is produced by spraying of polyurethane into the mould. Parameters of footwear produced by this technology greatly exceed any previously achieved parameters of footwear produced by a classic direct injection of PU/PU and PU/TPU. Innovative technology PU/RPU allows the production of polyurethane soles with very high definition of tread details to achieve maximum traction, minimizing the weight of the sole and achievement of a high resistance to abrasion.