Irish Office of Tobacco Control Annual Report shows 95 % compliance with smoke-free workplace legislation

The Irish 2006 Annual Report of the Office of Tobacco Control highlights the
following area:

  • 95% of workplaces inspected as part of the National Tobacco Control Inspection
    Programme were found to be compliant with Section 47 (smoke-free workplace
    provision) of the Public Health (Tobacco) Acts, 2002 and 2004.

In detatil the report explains the following five Objectives:

(1) To ensure compliance with the relevant provisions of the Public Health
(Tobacco) Act, 2002 and the Public Health (Tobacco) (Amendment) Act, 2004

(2) To advise the Minister for Health and Children and assist her in the
implementation of policies and objectives of the Government relating to the
control and regulation of tobacco products

(3) To undertake research and disseminate the results in support of evidence
based tobacco control initiatives

(4) To actively communicate the benefits of a move towards a tobacco free

(5) To continue to develop the effectiveness and capacity of the Office and its
people to ensure it meets its functions as a statutory body

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