Isocyanate hazard posters

Paint sprayers are endangered using paints containing isocyanate. You can get
asthma from breathing in paint that contains isocyanate. It may take time to
develop asthma. But once you get it, you can never work with or near isocyanate
products again. Spraying causes the most exposure.

The Brtitish Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has therefore published 3
posters in different sizes that provide warnings on the health dangers faced by
paint sprayers who use paints containing isocyanate.

They recommend:

  • Spray only in an extracted spray booth/room. Keep everyone else well away
    from spraying.
  • Always use air-fed breathing apparatus. The air supplied to the breathing
    apparatus must be at the right pressure, filtered and clean.
  • Never lift your visor or remove your breathing apparatus during clearance.
    Keep everyone else out until the paint mist has cleared.
  • Correct use of breathing apparatus and spray booth/rooms greatly reduces the
    risk of getting asthma from isocyanates.

Further info

AplusA-online.de - Source: Health & Safety Executive