Its Not Easy Being Green Or Is It?

You invest resources into improving operations to drive ecological compliance.
You build a corporate culture that values safety. You proudly promote yourself
as a green company, emphasizing your focus on sustainability and compliance.
And then the unthinkable happens -- a spill, an explosion, a deadly fire
something that negates your hard work and shakes the confidence of your entire

Public perception of your company also takes a hit. Consumers may question your
commitment to health, safety, and the environment. So might vendors, suppliers,
and investors who have high expectations. Just one incident has the potential
to tarnish your companys reputation and negatively impact sales and long-term

Despite your best intentions, compliance-related incidents do happen but why?
The likely cause is a communication breakdown, especially at the site level.
Traditional audit-based programs and a lack of timely, concise information at
the sites further hinder regulatory compliance. That means less success in
achieving sustainability and green objectives.

Recent software advances offer dynamic opportunities to comply with EH&S
regulations more efficiently and completely. With the right technology, it is
even possible to exceed requirements, establishing you as a leader among green
companies. Now everyone in the boardroom and on the plant floor can know
exactly what is needed to achieve compliance excellence.

Historically, compliance programs focused on analyzing past performance and
calculating year-over-year changes. However, in todays closely regulated
environment relying exclusively on this approach is neither efficient nor
adequate. While it is helpful to identify patterns and measure the overall
success of your compliance program, it is more important to prevent problems
before they happen.

Five Keys to Proactive EH&S Compliance

  • Maintain a laser-focus only on applicable requirements.

  • Establish compliance accountability at the point of control.

  • Manage site activities in accordance with corporate guidelines and

  • Integrate corporate sustainability initiatives into day-to-day operations.

  • Use software tools to monitor regulatory changes and manage compliance

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