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John Ward Ceylon announces a change of name

John Ward Ceylon announces a change of name


As of January 1st 2009 John Ward Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd will become and be known as ATG® Lanka Pvt Ltd. We would also like to take this opportunity to state that the change of company name is not associated with any change of ownership or association with any other party and the shareholders and executive directors remain the same.

The name change supports the evolution and transition of our business from that of a manufacturing OEM business to a branded customer centric organisation operating across multiple continents and in numerous countries. Our new logo can be seen on the bottom right of this page.

In conjunction with the products that we already supply to you we have and will continue to make significant investments in communication to support your sales organisation whilst at the same time increasing brand awareness in the market, with the objective to stimulate demand.

The first notable steps towards this will be the launch of our new website http://www.atg-glovesolutions.com/ and product literature, both of which will reflect and communicate a simplified and streamlined brand identity.

Our product offering will be marketed under two banners being the "proRange™"and the "classicRange™". The proRange™ comprises of three product families and just over 10 products which will satisfy 90% of all work done in the automotive, petrochemical and metal fabrication sectors. The three product families are

MaxiFlex® - for precision handling in dry environments.
MaxiDry® - the control performance in wet and oily environments.
MaxiCut® - assured protection when the going gets tough.
These three product families use eight technology platforms either individually or collectively to provide the appropriate level of performance needed. The "proRange™" also offers the largest range of sizes available in the industry today to ensure that customers gets the closest fitting gloves to maximise dexterity and flexibility. Our energy, time and money will be focused in promoting and supporting the "proRange™".

The "classicRange™" comprises old and dated technologies that we will continue to offer in the interests of supporting existing and new customers where a like-for-like alternative is required or where customers are more price sensitive.

So what are the main changes?

There are no big changes rather fine tuning of an existing, known and successful recipe. The main changes are as follows:

MaxiFlex becomes MaxiFlex® "Ultimate™"
MaxiFlex Plus becomes MaxiFlex® "Endurance™"
MaxiFit becomes MaxiFlex® "Comfort™"
MaxiCool becomes MaxiFlex® "Active™"
Full details of the changes can be found at the end of this communication.

We see this as a new and exciting evolution of our business relationship which we are sure will increase the strength of our partnership and position in the marketplace.