SAMTECH Corporation

Just color it!

COLOVE ® Technology is a proprietary patented dyeing process of high performance polyethylene fibre (HPPE). It is our newest innovation which can broaden the use and market reach for distributors and end users alike. COLOVE ® Technology also incorporates coating production process which allows for many different colors for coating options. Distributors and end users now have much broader choices of liner and coating colors. COLOVE ® Technology has put us in a unique position to change how protective gloves are viewed. Not since the advent of HPPE fibre has there been a more impactful breakthrough in this industry.

Colored gloves, especially darker shades have been a constant request by distributors and end-user alike. For many years, glove manufacturers have been trying to develop HPPE colored gloves without any success. Now our patented COLOVE ® Technology has freed us from boring white, grey, salt & pepper (mélange) colored gloves forever! Just color it!