Just don't stir up any dust - Exposures to dust, smoke, gases and vapours.

Dust is almost everywhere but is often not recognised as a hazard for health.
But dust can have severe health consequences. Year after year around 6,000
cases of disorders of the respiratory tract caused by dust are recognized as
occupational diseases in Germany. The results of a German Employment Survey
show that around one in eight employees comes frequently into contact with
dust, smoke, gases or vapours. Many workers in the construction industry and
manufacturing industries are particularly affected.

Even if a dust does not contain any hazardous chemicals it can still endanger
health. In particular the small particles in dust can get into the fine
pulmonary alveoli and there trigger inflammatory processes or even cancer.
Although relatively large dust particles settle out rapidly and do not
penetrate into the lungs, they can - depending on their type - cause damage to
the nose and throat.

Therefore health and safety measures should be firmly integrated into the
individual work processes and the employees should be regularly trained.
Particular attention should be paid here to the areas of work requiring only
low qualifications. The hazards arising in connection with work with hazardous
substances at the workplace must be systematically evaluated.

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