Kimberly Clark Professional

Kimberly-Clark Professional launches Evolution of Care marketing campaign to emphasise the importance of safety at the workplace and to strengthen customer bonds.

“Safety first”

More than 64% of adults in the European Union are in employment; spending several thousand hours a year at work they have the right to expect that their workplace will offer a safe environment. Workplace safety is amongst the primary goals for most companies; employers care about their employee safety.

Nonetheless, someone dies every three and a half minutes as a result of a work-related accident in the European Union. That is concerning and alarming.

In the past safety was not a common topic for a lot of reasons. But the attitude towards safety has changed. We have all become more aware of safety issues in everyday life. Managers also know that proper training and the use of well-designed safety products can prevent most workplace accidents and injuries. And safety has become a significant business factor, as the impact on employees’ downtime as well as production inefficiency caused by accidents, have become very transparent and quantifiable.

Still, it remains a challenge for employers to drive compliance, as often safety products continue to be somewhat ill-fitting, heavy and uncomfortable, and the cleanliness at the workplace might have too little importance. It has become obvious that increased comfort, ease of use as well potential for increased cost effectiveness and productions efficiencies are critical success factors. That is where the KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* product range can offer solutions.

Kimberly-Clark has been a manufacturer since 1872 and has seen the workplace continually evolve. Their internal safety procedures and practices have been evolving with it. "There is no value that we hold more closely to our heart than safety," said Tom Falk, Chairman and CEO of Kimberly-Clark. In order to highlight the importance of safety in the workplace Kimberly-Clark hold a safety week every year with events in various locations around the world. This event proves a great success – for example the production plant in Barrow (UK) has three consecutive years without any reportable injury.

In the market, KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* is already known as a market leader for washroom products; so, doesn’t is make total sense that a company that helps you clean your hands, would also make products that stop your hands from getting dirty in the first place? This does seem like a natural evolution.

Already for the past 25 years Kimberly-Clark has been manufacturing and supplying safety and wiping products: products that protect the worker from the process and products that protect the process from the worker. And over the recent years they have launched an even more comprehensive safety range as well as new wiping products with the well-known brands KLEENGUARD*, KIMTECH* and WYPALL.

KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* are now rolling out a new pan-European integrated marketing campaign which will more than ever illustrate their passion for forward thinking and innovation in the workplace area. It is called “Evolution of Care”.

The campaign illustrates their story of continuous evolution in the workplace using the metaphors of evolution and fusion of safety features with the human body. It will integrate traditional marketing processes, a dedicated website and product-related events, all designed to strengthen customer relationships.

Whether it is people’s definition of what is safe, or the products that keep us safe, both are constantly evolving. Kimberly-Clark too is evolving to become your “indispensable business partner in the workplace, delivering leading-edge health, hygiene and productivity solutions that provide tangible value everyday, everywhere”.

Safety is the heart of Kimberly-Clark and they care for their employees and for their customers.