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Löffler Bürositzmöbel shows 'Seating that Moves' in the special exhibition WorkplaceDesign in Hall 7a at the A + A .

Subjecting spinal discs to inappropriate mechanical stress is harmful and costly. 50% of all cases of early retirement on medical grounds are related to spinal disc problems. LÖFFLER have put their professionalism, passion and many years of experience in the industry into ensuring that workplace seating supports a healthy posture and promotes occupational welfare. The Löffler Bürositzmöbel GmbH will demonstrate its ERGO TOP 'mobile sitting' principle at the A + A.

Based on this concept of 'mobile sitting', the patented ERGO TOP technology was developed to meet the demand for a seat that features as many dynamic elements as possible. The fully flexible swivel seat counteracts a rigid sitting position.
Continuous movement serves to strengthen the users' back muscles, prevents postural deformities, and improves the oxygen supply to the cells. An office swivel chair with ERGO TOP technology is not only a sensible choice when it comes to office seating - it is also a real back trainer.

Experts from the Munich Technical University ergonomics faculty made some important contributions to the development of the ERGO TOP technology. The IGR (Interessengemeinschaft der Rückenschullehrer/innen e.V.), the German association of physiotherapists specialising in back pain prevention and treatment, unreservedly recommends LÖFFLER chairs with ERGO TOP technology. Chairs with ERGO TOP technology are available only from LÖFFLER.

Products at the A + A

At the international trade fair A + A, Löffler will be showing two office swivel chairs with ERGO TOP technology, tango and lezgo .

The office swivel chairs tango and lezgo promote occupational health at a singular price/performance ratio. Both models combine ergonomic and design aspects, their distinctive shape and wide range of colourways are particularly engaging.

Model tango is also available as a static conductive office swivel chair. It safely dissipates stray currents and prevents the build up of new electrostatic charges. The antistatic tango has been ESD-certified by the Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern (LGA, the Bavarian quality assurance agency), and complies with European Standard 61340-5-1. With a bleeder resistance of 106 Ohm, the conductive tango lies considerably below the 109 Ohm maximum value required by the ES, thereby guaranteeing the highest level of security for electronic components and appliances, particularly in working environments that are subject to strict ESD regulations.

Löffler Bürositzmöbel will attend the A + A together with representatives of the IGR. The Löffler products feature in the special exhibition WorkplaceDesign in Hall 7a.

A commitment to movement and design

Werner Löffler has focused on the issue of 'healthy sitting' in the manufacture of his chairs since 1992. Besides office swivel chairs with ERGO TOP technology, the Löffler range features high-quality furniture for working and living environments, and innovative conference seating solutions. Löffler also manufactures reproductions of the design objects of generations past, and new designs by famous designers, in a limited edition. Reproductions include Günter Beltzig's 'Seating Art' Pegasus, and Marc Newson's Orgone Chair.

Werner Löffler's passion for design is the raison d'etre for the extensive Löffler Collection at the company premises in Reichenschwand. The Löffler Collection consists of over 700 historic chairs and other seating furniture, and pieces by famous designers from the past two centuries.

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