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Work-related posture and musculo-skeletal disorders are a common problem in
Europe, and this is recognised by the European Commission.

The social consequences of this, in the form of a growing number of people
registered as (long-term) disabled, are due to the fact that some groups of
workers are less effectively protected against health risks arising from the
manual handling of heavy loads.

The economic consequences are reflected in the social and medical costs to the
state and the reduced availability of individuals for work, combined with a
working population that is becoming older and consists of a growing number of
female workers. In the EU's health and safety strategy for 2002-2006, the
European Commission has indicated that it wants to match EU health and safety
policy to the work-related problems associated with a greying working
population in which the proportion of women is growing, and with changing forms
of employment.

One aspect of the European Commission's action programme is to increase the
focus on the prevention of work-related illnesses, in respect of which priority
must be given to e.g. musculo-skeletal disorders.

The European Commission is particularly concerned to ensure the improved
application of EU legislation, with a key position given to the SLIC in EU

The website informs about Risk Assessment as well as Methods and Tools.

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