Launch of "European Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility"

How can we inspire more European enterprises to go beyond their minimum legal
obligations in favour of society and sustainable development? In other words,
how can we best encourage a greater business commitment to Corporate Social
Responsibility (or CSR)? To mobilise the resources and capacities of European
enterprises and to make Europe a pole of excellence on CSR, the European
Commission has today announced its backing of the launch of a "European
Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility". The new Alliance has an open
nature and European enterprises of all sizes are invited to voluntarily express
their support.  The Alliance is not a legal instrument to be signed by
enterprises. It is a political umbrella for new or existing CSR initiatives by
large companies, SMEs and their stakeholders. It should lead to new
partnerships and new opportunities for all stakeholders in their efforts to
promote CSR.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Contrary to popular myth, CSR is far from being the exclusive preserve of large
companies. Like much business practice, some of the most exciting new
developments in this field come from small and medium-sized enterprises. The
Commission recognises the need to give greater recognition to what many SMEs
already do in the field of CSR. The Commission will facilitate the exchange of
experience about how best to further encourage CSR amongst SMEs.

What can CSR achieve?

  • Recruitment of more people from disadvantaged groups
  • Investment in skills development, life-long learning and employability
  • Improvements in public health, in areas such as food marketing and
  • Better innovation performance
  • A more rational use of natural resources and reduced levels of
    pollution, thanks to investments in eco-innovation and to the voluntary
    adoption of environmental management systems
  • A more positive image of business and entrepreneurs in society
  • Greater respect for human rights and core labour standards, especially
    in developing countries;
  • Poverty reduction and progress towards the Millennium Development

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