Robustor AB

Launch of WHAPE safety sneakers

Robustor launches a Swedish safety sneaker brand - WHAPE.
The range is safety sneakers, i.e. sneakers with safety toecap,
penetration protection and other features necessary
when working in tough environments. The range includes
about 40 styles in different designs and colour combinations.
The idea is that it should be easy to find a safety shoe
suitable to your taste and style - bring your style to work!

The new range of safety sneakers has been developed for several years.
A big effort has been made in finding the best production technique and
the best materials to optimize design and function.

The production technique is the same as the big sport shoe producers are using and this
is why WHAPE safety sneakers are lighter and more comfortable than regular safety
shoes. All materials used are from selected high quality brands such as Cordura, Kevlar,
Thinsulate, Sympatex etc.

The shoes are developed together with orthopedic technicians. The insole is extra
cushioning and it has a rigid shank that reduces overpronation. The counter is stable and
a shank is placed in the outsole to make the whole shoe extra stable. Several of the styles
has a newly developed anti-slip outsole.

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