Footwear Industries trading as Steel Blue

Lifestyle change, the perfect fit

Trend-setting workers around Australia are celebrating the arrival of Steel Blue’s brand new ‘Lifestyle’ range of safety footwear – continuing a 20 year tradition of safety and comfort innovation.

The Lifestyle range has been specifically designed for customers who require comfortable, durable and safe footwear with the added benefits of sleek design and flexibility.

Well known for their cutting edge safety footwear designs, Steel Blue provides customers with 100% comfort and their new Lifestyle range of footwear is no different.

Workers on factory floors, courier trips, maintenance jobs and in manufacturing warehouses to name a few, are welcoming the subtle and trendy new range with open arms.

“Steel Blue has always prided itself on researching and developing safety footwear that meets the needs of our customers,” said Ross Fitzgerald, General Manager Sales.

“The new range will give customers who work indoors or who are constantly on the go, the option of a lightweight and aesthetically appealing shoe that does not compromise on functionality or safety,” he said.

The everyday wearability of the range is reflected in the style names of the shoes, Perth, Darwin, Melbourne or Adelaide, taking you from work to play.