EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH

Load handling must be made even more efficient!

The new generation of Lift&Drive mobile lifting aids boosts productivity by means of highly flexible application possibilities and increased stability, although it is extremely light!

The battery-operated mobile lifts will find their place wherever parcels, individual goods, or equipment need to be lifted and transported.
With these ergonomic lifting aids, EXPRESSO, the well-known supplier of transport and handling equipment in Kassel, Germany, has focused on a class of equipment with an extended and versatile range that can handle loads up to 45, 85,125,175 or 225 kg.
Lift&Drive performs these strenuous tasks by raising the load to the required height, thus greatly reducing potential accident hazards. Simultaneously, employee absence due to sickness is decreased. Consequently, you get a fast return on investment, because Lift&Drive leads to a noticeable reduction of personnel costs.
In order to supply application-oriented products, the lifts have been designed as a modular system. Due to their low weight, they are easily moved and maneouvered. For everyday use, it is not only important that the loads are lifted, but that they can also be handled simply and precisely. All of these features are combined in the Lift&Drive. Individual versions and adaptations are designed in close cooperation with our customers.