Lyme disease on increase

A reported sharp increase in cases of the tick-borne Lyme disease may persuade
some employers or organisations concerned with sending, advising or inviting
people to frequent countryside areas where they might come into contact with
infected ticks to review their risk assessments for adequacy.

A recent steep increase in cases of the zoonose in Scotland, notably in the
Southern Highlands and the Islands, is matching those reported elsewhere in the
UK and Northern Europe, and is of concern to bodies such as the Scottish
Gamekeepers Association who are well aware of the situation from feedback by

In the UK there are several hundred cases recorded each year, but many more
times that number are likely and go undiagnosed. Public awareness of
Borreliosis / Lyme disease is poor, and a charity, the Borreliosis and related
diseases awareness UK, is now working to inform employers and the public of the

Different strains of Borrelia can produce varied symptoms, if treatment is not
commenced as soon as an infection is suspected, the patient is at risk of
suffering from long-term ill health.

In Scotland, Lyme disease is classed as a notifiable disease.

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