The Heightec Group Limited


new rope access products

Specialist UK height safety manufacturer heightec will launch their new Manta back-up and Prism descender devices at the forthcoming A+A show in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Conforming to European and US standards, these products offer major advancements in safety for rope access and rescue, with increased load capabilities and variable friction control.

The Manta back-up is an adaptable rope access back-up device with high loading capability and has a maximum rated load for 2 person rescue situations. When tested at heightec’s UK facility, the Manta successfully passed a drop test of 200 kg without damaging the rope. This is critical in emergency situations.

The Manta gives greater margins for safety in low ground clearance situations due to its short arrest distance. Remaining above the user at all times, the Manta is towed by the user via cord attachment and cannot be accidentally dragged down the rope. Should there be a sudden load, the cord detaches and activates the back-up device.

Constructed of alloy body and durable stainless plated steel friction surfaces, the Manta is hard wearing and durable, with no hidden parts or mechanisms make it easy to inspect and clean.

Adopting this new device does not require a change in existing work practices or current kit, therefore a time and cost benefit to the user.

The Prism is a versatile rope access and rescue descender with high load capability and variable friction, for long and short descents and for rescue, without the need for additional equipment.

Variable threading of the rope provides different friction modes allowing for low angle positioning on steep slopes, long descents with a heavy tail rope, short descents with minimal tail rope and descents with a casualty.

Multiple moving friction bollards give variable and fine friction control to the user. The top sprung bollard applies low level braking force even when the rope is not held and multiplies the braking force applied by the user. The feature for increasing friction is integral to the device.

Both the Manta and Prism conform to European and US standards and are designed to address the "Likelihood and consequence of misuse" clause in the new draft IRATA Code of Practice.

“Rope access is a huge industry in the UK and overseas. With the number of hours worked on the ropes increasing each year, safety remains a high priority. It’s essential that we as manufacturers push forward safety innovations to ensure the risks involved with working at height are kept to an absolute minimum.” said Keith Jones, Managing Director. “The new Manta and Prism certainly address critical height safety and rescue issues within the rope access industry and are already exceeded expectations. We invite anyone visiting A+A in Düsseldorf this year to visit our stand to see the new devices for themselves.”

heightec would be pleased to hear from European companies who are interested in becoming a distributor.

For more details visit A+A stand 6D25, email admin@heightec.com or visit www.heightec.com