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Making a difference when lives are on the line

The A+A 2007 is the world’s leading exhibition for occupational safety and health.
At this exhibition TenCate will present the latest trends and innovations in the field of personal protective fabrics. Our innovative fabrics protect people on the job against risks such as heat, flame, molten metal, chemicals, acid, electric arc, static explosion and poor visibility and other related risks. Yet we offer the highest levels of comfort and mobility to fire fighters, welders, petroleum and electrical workers and gas utilities crews and many other industrial areas such as chemical, petrochemical, molten metal processing and service industry.

The very nature of our customers’ work often puts them at risk. By studying and staying on top of rapidly changing market demands, we anticipate our customers’ requirements with materials that fit their needs more precisely, whether the choice is driven by potential hazard or working environment.

To anticipate on the need for durable and comfortable flame-retardant fabrics with high visibility, TenCate introduced the Tecapro® BG 9500 fabric. A multi-risk flame-retardant finished fabric. This fabric is especially suitable for application in protective clothing used in the metal (heavy welding), utilities, chemical and energy sectors.

• The Tecapro® BG 9500 fabric protects against heat and flame, electric arc, static electricity and liquid chemicals/acids.
• This fabric is also available in high-visibility yellow (complies with EN 471: 2003).
• The polyester fibre makes the fabric more durable with a good abrasion resistance.
• This fabric withstands repeated home or industrial laundering. The flame-retardant properties of this fabric are guaranteed even after 50 washes (tested according to EN-ISO 10528: 1995).

TenCate Protective Fabrics earns its reputation as the most trusted name in protective fabrics for workwear, industrial garments and emergency response

and military garments. We develop and produce the most comprehensive ranges of proven, high-performance fabrics used in manufacturing protective clothing.

Based on a risk analysis, we are able to offer you a solution for the optimum protection of your employees. We also look into the risks employees are exposed to and the circumstances under which working activities are carried out.

TenCate Protective Fabrics is active worldwide through sales offices in Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America and Asia.

At the A+A 2007 TenCate Protect will exhibit in Hall 3, stand E63. For more information: www.tencate.com/protective.