Management of occupational health and safety in European workplaces

An executive Summary, published by the European Agency for Safety
and Health at Work, describes the evidence from the Second European Survey of Enterprises
on New and Emerging Risks (ESENER-2). The authors conclude that there is room for
improvement in the implementation of occupational health and safety measures
across all workplaces as well as the use of best practice in workplace

In keeping with previous findings, the analyses also suggest that good OHS
management practice is supported by the will and capacity of employers to
deliver a competent participatory approach to OHS management:
- in which arrangements for worker participation and engagement play an
important role;
- that is based around assessing workplace risk and implementing systems to
manage the risks thus identified;
- within a regulatory framework that provides the parameters within which this
can be done.

The analysis in this report shows that there are enterprises within the EU that
are doing well already, but there remains room for significant improvement.
This is especially so in relation to smaller firms, and the findings therefore
lend some support to the direction of current EU policies. They also provide a
useful position from which to undertake future evaluations in this respect.

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