Managing human performance

Several new items have recently been added to the Brtitish Health and Safety
Executive (HSE) human factors/performance web page. The page features a
detailed introduction to human factors for inspectors plus information on alarm
handling; interfaces; safety critical communications; supervision; and
behavioural safety.

Human factors are environmental, organisational and job factors as well as
human and individual characteristics which influence behaviour at work and can
affect health and safety. 

On the HSE website human factors has been "operationalised" as a list of key
topics. Each of the topics link to a topic-specific page where you can download
briefing sheets, extracts from an inspectors toolkit and other useful resources.

  • Alarm handling 
  • Interfaces 
  • Safety critical communications 
  • Supervision 
  • Behavioural safety 
  • Procedures
  • Training and competence
  • Organisational change
  • Staffing levels and workload
  • Managing human failures
  • Fatigue from shiftwork and overtime
  • Organisational culture
  • Integration of human factors into risk assessment and investigations
  • Human factors in design

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