Moldex-Metric AG & Co. KG

Moldex presents the Comets at this years A+A, another product for protection against “small noise”.

Noise is always a health risk, even at low decibels. However, over-protection can also have negative results. Thus, there is a requirement for products specifically designed to be used in environments where noise exposure starts at 80dB

During the A+A trade fair, Moldex presents the Comets, which in addition to the dosposable foam earplug MelLows, is a reusable earplug for lower noise exposure.

The Comets are a variation of the successful Rockets earplugs, and are based on the same design. However, with an SNR rating of 25, they offer lower dB protection. The air filled body, soft flanges and a finger pocket in the stem make the Comets both easy to handle and comfortable to wear.

Moldex has achieved the lower attenuation levels of these earplugs through new foaming processes and by altering the combination of materials, thereby reducing the noise filtering capacity of the plugs without compromising handling and comfort.