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Multi-Gas Detector G460 – now function tested

GfG develops lightweight, robust and high-quality gas detectors for personal safety. The compact instruments are reliable and very easy to handle. Pre-calibrated, longlife sensors monitor permanently the gas concentration at workplaces. Single gas and multi-gas detectors protect the user from possible gas hazards by means of clear audible and visual alarm signals.

The multi-gas detector Microtector II G460 has now passed the function test BVS 06 ATEX E 017 X /PFG 09 G 001.
This makes the G460 the first detector for methane, propane and n-nonane with a weight less than 1 kg!

With only 350 g the detector provides 5 slots: 1 for a catalytic combustion sensor, 1 for an infrared sensor, 2 for electrochemical sensors and 1 for either an additional electrochemical sensor or a photo-ionisation detector (PID). Certain sensors can even monitor several gases. This allows continuous and selective detection of 7 gases simultaneously. Combinations of sensors and a wide range of accessories make the G460 come up with any applicational task.

It detects reliably combustible gases and vapours, oxygen and toxic gases (e.g. H2S, CO, CO2, CL, HCN, NH3, NO2, PH3, SO2, etc.). The poison resistant infrared sensor (NDIR) allows safe measurement of CO2 in % vol and CH4 concentrations in both % LEL and % vol range. The individually interchangeable sensors (plug & play) are characterized by a long lifetime for stable detection results at any time.

The instrument is small, lightweight and handy, and its ergonomic shape ensures best wearing comfort. The impact proof, dust and water protected enclosure (IP67) makes the G460 suitable without limitations even in harsh environments like sewers.

The G460 can be used wherever potential gas hazards may occur. The product has won the red dot design award and the GIT safety award 2009.