Musculoskeletal disorders and organisational change - Conference report

In conjunction with the launch of the European campaign on musculoskeletal
disorders (MSDs), the European Working Conditions Observatory (EWCO) of the
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, in
cooperation with the Portuguese EU Presidency, organised a high-level
conference on MSDs in Lisbon on 11­12 October 2007. The conference aimed to
engage discussion on European and national trends in the prevalence of MSDs,
the economic and social impact, good practice examples in prevention policies
and options for change. The event offered a common platform for debate to
experts, representatives from the EU and national authorities, social partners
and practitioners, and members of the EWCO network.

In his concluding remarks at the conference on MSDs, Foundation Director Jorma
Karppinen emphasised that no 'one fit all' solutions exist; nevertheless, he
highlighted the need to strive for 'win-win' solutions. The director drew
attention once again to some of the key issues discussed in the two-day
conference, such as the need to develop room to manoeuvre, early intervention
policies and participatory ergonomics. Moreover, he put forward two concrete
proposals which emerged during the debate to respond to the upward trend of
MSDs. First, he highlighted that a sensitivity study on the significant factors
contributing to the reduction of risks at the workplace needed to be carried
out. Secondly, the creation of a network of exchange on the debate focusing on
room to manoeuvre would be instrumental in responding effectively to the
challenge of MSDs. Mr Karppinen concluded his presentation by thanking again
the Portuguese Presidency for cooperating in the organisation of the conference
and also the delegates for their contribution and fruitful debate.

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