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Harken Industrial launches the PowerSeat™ Electric and PowerSeat Compact.

Following the success of the gas-operated Harken® PowerSeat, the PowerSeat™ Electric and the PowerSeat Compact have been added to its line of in-seat ascenders/descenders. Designed for vertical rope access, they ensure greater productivity, safety, and comfort to people working at height in hazardous environments. All three versions of the Harken PowerSeat can be seen at the A+A Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, November 5-8.
The launch of PowerSeat Electric unveils new possibilities in enclosed and confined-space rope access & rescue. It has a powerful 300-kilogram hoist capacity and the sensitive control to perform the most difficult rescues. It is also ideal when precise manoeuvring of materials and components for installation and maintenance is required.

“We needed a solution to reduce the impact of jumaring indoors. The electric version of the PowerSeat was perfect – providing the silent and environmentally clean operation we required, without compromising speed or power.

Engineer Martin Berner of Bergstatt
(Austrian Alpine Guide, Harken Industrial Dealer Austria & Swiss)

The PowerSeat Compact provides the versatility of a lightweight, portable winch that can be used as a mechanical ascender for working at height and in rescue and winching applications.

“The compact version with its shorter handle, lower anchor point, no seat and reduced weight opens up a wider market for the PowerSeat range, particularly for abseiling and in forestry”

Engineer Martin Berner of Bergstatt
(Austrian Alpine Guide, Harken Industrial Dealer Austria & Swiss)

The Harken PowerSeat is designed for use anywhere that rope access is possible. It is ideal for industrial maintenance, architectural and construction work, wind turbine and offshore constructions, engineering inspections, marine and rigging, and in search and rescue. Using the Harken PowerSeat makes it possible to work in comfort for extended periods and provides up to a 50-percent boost to productivity, while saving substantially on operational costs and wages.
The PowerSeat works with standard approved personal fall arrest systems, and does not replace them. The PowerSeat load rating allows a maximum working load of 273 kg (gas and compact gas), and 300 kg (electric and compact electric) for a two-person load in rescue situations.
The Harken PowerSeat is CE certified to the Machinery Directive (and independently verified by Bureau Veritas). The Electric version will be available in January 2014.

About: Harken Industrial is a division of Harken Inc. We design and manufacture a broad range of high-end, material-handling apparatus. Strong, lightweight products include low-friction winches, pulleys, linear motion carriages, and rail and roller furling equipment in aluminium, stainless, and titanium.

For over 40 years, Harken has built its reputation on quality products developed, tested, and used in the most extreme situations encountered in marine environments. Harken’s reputation is built on its creativity and reliability, and Harken continues to strive for solutions, even to problems as yet unknown.