Harken Italy Spa

NEW PRODUCT Electric PowerSeat

The Electric PowerSeat unveils new possibilities in
enclosed and confined space rope access & rescue.

The Electric PowerSeat quietly delivers a powerful 300 kilogram
hoist capability with controlled sensitivity to perform the most
delicate rescues, or precise manoeuvring of materials and
components for installation or maintenance.
Developed as a requirement in industry, it provides a lightweight,
prolonged usage, powered ascender and utility winch.
With the ability to operate comfortably and confidently in oxygen
and ventilation starved environments it provides a level of operator safety and comfort that directly increases productivity and efficiency.

Suitable for blade cleaning, confined space and indoor rope access and rescue applications.

The Harken Electric PowerSeat™ is
awaiting CE certification at time of
printing, it will also be independently
verified by Bureau Veritas.
This version will be available from
January 2014