NEW Product launch: renewed STEPLITE


Xtra comfort with the optimised BEKINA® STEPLITE boot!

BEKINA®, the Belgian manufacturer of polyurethane boots has used its many years of expertise to create a totally new STEPLITE boot with one central advantage for the farmer : Xtra comfort.

Adapted moulds and an even more flexible PU give you even greater comfort.

Extra light

No more heavy or tired legs after a hard day’s work. On the contrary, our very light STEPLITE boot and shock absorbing heel zone put a spring in your step.

Flexible, soft touch PU material

The STEPLITE boot seems made to measure. Thanks to its ergonomically adapted moulds the foot is perfectly held in the boot. This, combined with an even softer PU material guarantees a perfect fit.

Optimised slip resistance (SRC* approved)

15% of all accidents in the work place are due to non slip resistant footwear. The STEPLITE sole was specifically designed to offer a better grip on every type of surface. Employers and employees keep their feet firmly on the ground to avoid accidents at work !

The new STEPLITE is a real eye-catcher : new contemporary design lines were subtly applied so that the boot remains easy to clean. The colour scheme was refreshed and completed with a blue boot. And specifically for hatcheries we have added a boot with a flat sole to comply with the required hygiene regulations.

Established in 1962, BEKINA® at the start produced handmade rubber boots. Materials and techniques evolve continually and that is how BEKINA® acquired more than 20 years’ experience in the development and production of polyurethane safety boots, which are light, long-lasting and thermo-insulating.

Over the past 50 years BEKINA® and its extensive range have been very successful. Today as one of the main market leaders BEKINA® can truly call itself an Xpert in the field.

Read more about the company on www.bekina.be.