Justrite Manufacturing Company

N e w ! The Smart Solution to Cigarette Butt Disposal

Elite™ Smokers Cease-Fire® from Justrite Mfg. offers an easy, stylish way to keep any facility free of cigarette butt litter. Fire tested and approved by FM Global, this durable polyethylene receptacle features a “smart” snuffer screen that results in fewer “misses” and less contact with dirt and germs. A special double-drip edge keeps ugly tar build-up inside the unit so the outside stays nice and clean. Maintenance is a snap! Mistake-proof opening/closure is self-aligning. Simply slide the lid and base guide tabs and lift-off top to empty the removable steel pail inside.

Ships unassembled to save you over 30% in shipping costs. The compact carton is green-friendly … less packing material and less waste – 100% recyclable!