Nettuno srl

Nettuno commissions photovoltaic system to produce clean energy

Just a few months after celebrating 40 years in business, skincare and cleaning specialist Nettuno has achieved another goal - this time towards better sustainability, having made an important choice in favour
of the environment...
Since the early days, Nettuno has created its products using the most eco-friendly raw materials... and building on this ethos, it is now
planning to produce its electricity in a natural way, via a photovoltaic power system that will exploit the enormous potential of solar
"This represents a very big step, proving that the co-existence of industry and environment is possible," says the company's Managing Director and Sales Manager, Giancarlo Fratus.
The SolarElit system, which will be installed on a 1,340 sqm pitched roof, will answer over 80% of the company's electricity needs and thus help Italy reach the tandards established in Kyoto with a 60 tons/year reduction of CO2 - an excellent example of social responsibility.
"This confirms our green soul, always directed towards all that is eco-friendly," says Giancarlo.