New Cleaning Industry Topics Page Provides Important Safety and Health Resources

The institutional and industrial cleaning industry provides essential products
and services that are used to clean and maintain a healthy indoor environment
for commercial establishments of all sizes and types, including schools,
hospitals, day care centers, food service operations, office complexes, and
other similar establishments. The industry includes manufacturers and
distributors of cleaning products in addition to in-house and contracted
service providers.

As in many industries, employees in the cleaning industry face a number of
hazards. Cleaning industry employees may be exposed to potentially hazardous
chemicals, may be asked to work with equipment that can present a danger and
may be asked to perform various tasks that may cause an injury or illness if
not performed properly. Further, the physical environment in which cleaning
services are performed can present hazards.

A new U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration
web page will help cleaning and maintenance industry employers protect the
safety and health of their employees.

The new Safety and Health Topics page, "OSHA Assistance for the Cleaning
Industry," provides information on potential hazards, such as slips, trips and
falls. Furthermore the page features information on the types of hazards common
in the cleaning and maintenance industry. Visitors may examine topics related
to hazardous or toxic substances, cleaning chemicals and electrical risks, and
possible solutions to avoid these hazards.

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