Nueva Sibol S.L.

New Launching 982 AXP3 on August 2015

 The new filter 982 AXP3 will be available from August 2015.
 Filters valid to use with full face masks or half masks with standard thread connector.
 The new reference AXP3, valid for solvents, paints, glues, derived oil industry ... etc,

SIBOL range of filters with standard thread according to EN 148 includes a wide range of references for use with any full face mask (EN 136) and / or half mask Respirator DIN (EN 140).

However, the weight of the filters is an important determinant to use one type of mask or another, since the filters with a weight exceeding 300 g. shall not be used with half masks.
SIBOL incorporate new for the next catalog, 2 references to the existing range:

- The A2B2E2K2HgP3 model, specially designed for mercury vapors.
- The AXP3 model, suitable for solvents, paints, airbrushes, paints, glues, derived oil industry ... etc, wich will be available for all our customers on August 2015.