JSP Ltd.

New Lightest and Strongest!

Although it is the lightest industrial safety helmet on the market at under 300 grams - 20 per cent less than a standard safety helmet - the new EVOLite® helmet from JSP gives serious protection. It has been developed from the ground up starting with the new versatile six point harness suspension with easy just 3 point depth positioning giving the most precise fit of all head sizes yet. Along with the innovative one-touch ratchet adjuster, in seconds the firmest fit and retention of any helmet on the market is attained. Coupled with its extreme lightness, the innovative harness system eliminates helmet imbalance or lateral movement on the heads of even the most active wearers.

The JSP R&D team, which in 2009 developed the world’s strongest industrial safety helmet in the EVO8®, has now produced the lightest and most comfortable. EVOLite® does not compromise safety in order to weigh less than 300g, and significantly exceeds EN397 protection levels thanks to an ABS shell designed for lightness and strength as well as passing the LD (Lateral Deformation) and MM (Molten Metal) EN397 test options. Side and rear vents allow air to move within the shell to reduce internal temperatures by up to three degrees despite the close fit. An Egyptian cotton highly absorbent sweatband, PH neutral and dermatologically tested, completes the suite of comfort and strength features.

EVOLite® has an international slot to accept a plethora of safety accessories such as ear defenders, visors and chin straps, and is therefore suitable for a wide range of safety critical environments. It comes in mid peak or micro peak versions in either vented or non-vented options, and in a standard selection of eight colours to complement any corporate logos or personal identity statements adhered to the large logo print areas at the front, back or sides. The product is boxed in units of ten. Further information is available online from www.jsp.co.uk , by phone on +44 (0)1993 826050, or email at uksales@jsp.co.uk .