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New Product Cataloguge from HB Schutzbekleidung

The full catalogue provides particularly detailed product information, including the weights of finished products and test results for arc flash protection certification. This means that customers can choose the right products that are best suited to thei

Comprehensive information for best possible protection: New full catalogue from HB Schutzbekleidung

Innovative ideas, more product details, comprehensive facts and figures: the new full catalogue 2016 from HB Schutzbekleidung underlines the company's role as driving force behind ideas in the PPE industry. The experienced manufacturer of high-quality protective clothing offers arc flash protection with a particularly low weight and high-visibility PPE that can be combined in a variety of ways for many different applications – thus representing HB’s sophisticated demand to offer its customers the best possible solution for their specific workplace.

The new HB Schutzbekleidung catalogue shows 52 collections and more than 140 products – complete with detailed information that is unique in the PPE industry. This includes, for the first time, the garment weights of all products. The precise ATPV and HAF values, which are determined for the arc flash protection collections during the certification process, are also provided. "Our philosophy is that the quality of PPE is indicated not just by the list of standards," Klaus Berthold, owner of HB Schutzbekleidung, explained. "After all, each working environment is highly specific. The right clothing will often have very specific protection and wear properties."

Specialists and multi-risk products
The HB range therefore includes a balanced mix of multi-risk products and specialists. Some items, such as the HI-VISION parka, are genuine all-rounders and fulfil up to seven standards. Others are designed specifically to fulfil the requirements of special workplaces. Wearing comfort and industrial laundry qualities are listed in the catalogue, as well as potential applications.

High protection – low weight
Some of the highlights include the new HB-MODarc and HB-MODarc&vis collections. These combine high-performance protection against electric arcs up to 7kA with an extremely low material weight – for a particularly high sense of security in the workplace. They also offer further protective properties, such as class 3 high visibility protection for the HB-MODarc&vis.

Systematic high visibility
And so this collection joins the ranks of the comprehensive range of PPE certified according to DIN EN ISO 20471, which is only available from HB Schutzbekleidung: from vest to parka, the market leader supplies a variety of combinable clothing in fluorescent yellow. HB is also leading in the development of high-performance, multi-risk clothing in fluorescent orange-red: as well as the award-winning HI-VISION parka, a multi-functional softshell jacket is now also available in this colour.

Optimisation is in the detail
HB has also set its sights on the continuous improvement of existing products. The classic Arc & Energy NOMEX viscose, for example, is now available with knee pad pockets as standard. Innovative solutions such as lighter inner layers enhance comfort. Another new feature is that HB offers the small-scale production of several products with additional features such as knee pad pockets or reflective strips – also available through the high-speed delivery service, 21towear, without warehousing.

The product catalogue will be launched at A+A 2015 and can be viewed from 27 October as a flip book at www.hb-online.de .