Dong HWA Ind. Co., Ltd.

New Product Ranges for A+A 2013

Dong Hwa developed following new product ranges for A+A 2013 customers.

- Improved version of Donghwa FlexoGrip DH3132 (Nylon/PU coated glove)

-Improved version of Donghwa NitraFlex DH8230 (Nylon/Nitrile coated glove

-Donghwa FlexoGrip-CR Lite DH6180- The thinnest and lightest 18G cut resistance glove

-Donghwa NitraFlex-CR5 DCR6135 glove, flexible and light weight Cut level 5 glove

-Donghwa MaxGrip -ECO DH7132, latex coated, eco-friendly general purpose glove