New Safety and Health Topics Page for Concrete and Concrete Products Industry

The US American Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced
the availability of a new page on the agency's Web site that provides web-based
assistance for employers and employees in the concrete products industry.

Concrete and Concrete Products - Manufacturing and Construction, the agency's
newest Safety and Health Topics page, is a product of OSHA's Alliance Program
and Strategic Partnership with the National Ready-Mix Concrete Association.

"This new resource provides useful information and guidance that will help
foster a safer work environment for employees involved in cement production and
manufacturing, and cement-related construction," said OSHA Administrator Ed
Foulke. "The development of this page also demonstrates how we leverage our
resources and work in cooperation with organizations to improve workplace
safety and health."

Visitors to the site can access information to develop and implement
comprehensive safety and health programs, including several examples from the
construction and manufacturing portions of the industry. Also available are
links to other resources that identify the most common industry hazards and
possible solutions to those hazards.

The page highlights OSHA standards, compliance directives, and standards
interpretations related to manufacturing and construction in the concrete and
concrete products industry. It also includes electronic assistance tools and
expert advisors, Spanish language materials, training information, success
stories, and additional resources from OSHA and other organizations.

Employers and employees can access information that can be used to develop and
implement safety and health programs and link to sites that identify hazards
and possible solutions to those hazards.

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AplusA-online.de - Source: U.S. Department of Labor  Occupational Safety & Health Administration