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New The Natural collection improved even further

Model Zuni

The renewed The Natural from Bata Industrials has been developed to be a natural extension of the body. Inspired by nature and available in four widths, this lightweight safety shoe is characterised by its perfect fit for every foot. In spite of these benefits, the quality of the new The Natural has been improved even further on various fronts.

New insight, obtained from continuous, intensive basic research, has led to this new collection from Bata Industrials. This research concentrated primarily on the natural action of the foot as far as stability is concerned, and on different types of soles and materials in combination with a number of different industrial floor types. The result of this were two new walking soles which guarantee an optimum slip-resistance on any type of work floor and prevent foot sprains. The wearer can also count on an even better wearing comfort.

Renewed sole profile
When compared with the previous collection, Bata Industrials has also further improved upon the profile of the soles. Whereas the emphasis was previously on the forward action of the foot, the new collection also anticipates the sideways and outer exertion of force by the foot. This given has resulted in a renewed profile of the walking sole. The new The Natural collection comprises models with a dual density polyurethane (PU) sole as well as models with a TriTech Plus-sole. Both walking soles have a different profile that is tailored to the qualities of the sole materials used in order to create optimal stability and slip resistance. The dual density PU-sole is flexible and lightweight, heat-resistant to 140 degrees Celsius and insulated from cold to -20 degrees Celsius. The TriTech Plus-sole, a PU mid-sole with a walking sole composed of three densities of rubber, displays its full benefits in situations in which an extremely high slip resistance is required. The sole is also particularly durable and is oil-, acid- and cut-resistant. It insulates from cold and is heat-resistant up to 300 degrees Celsius.

Revolutionary shank
However, the new The Natural offers even more. The shoe is also manufactured with a shank constructed from high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This smart innovation which combines a stabiliser and shock-absorber ensures better balance, added stability and extra comfort. Additionally, this revamped tour de force based on an anatomical last provides added protection and energy to the mid-foot. The result: better circulation in the feet, less weariness and maximum protection during the heaviest work. These are welcome features during the daily tasks performed on the work floor. The shoe is also formed on an asymmetrical last which follows the foot's natural shape. In addition, the various models of The Natural are equipped with the active breathable and moisture-removing Bata Cool Comfort or a leather lining, a replaceable and moisture-absorbing inlay sole, the shock-absorbing Tunnelsystem and the energy-saving Easy Rolling System. Most of the models in the attractive shoe are manufactured using first-class leather and various other high-quality materials, and are equipped with a sturdy TPU toecap integrated into the design, which extends the life of the shoes and saves on costs.

A comfortable solution
The new The Natural collection from Bata Industrials offers a comfortable and beautiful made-to-measure solution for every work situation. And contributes once again to the reduction of slip-, trip- and fall incidents on the work floor: the primary causes of long-term absence due to illness.

Nevada Light
Together with the Nevada Light, the new The Natural represents an excellent ‘pair’. This new sock from Bata Industrials, a thinner version of the successful Nevada, has ventilation channels knitted into it for improved air circulation. The anti-bacterial Amicor fibre keeps these socks odour-free.