Glanzstoff-Bohemia s.r.o.

New development of a flame retardant softshell-composite

Glanzstoff Industries GmbH , A-3100 St. Pölten developed a flame retardant three-layer multi standard softshell fabric in cooperation with SR Webatex GmbH, D-95408 Bayreuth

Due to the excellent surface properties of woven fabrics, which are made out of the high tenacity, flame retardant viscose multi-filament yarn Viscont®FR, Glanzstoff Industries GmbH decided to develop a compact multi-layer soft shell composite.

On the surface the composite consists of a woven fabric which is made out of Viscont®FR viscose filament yarn. The medium layer is a commercial available PTFE membrane. As an inner layer a commercial available cotton/modacrylic fleece is used.

The composite, which has a total weight of 435g/m2, meets the highest requirements in the current OSH standards. In accordance to that fact the code D3 and E3 in EN 11612 (liquid aluminum and iron splashes), as well as the welding protection according to EN 11611 cl.2, EN 13034, EN 1149 and EN 61482 cl.2 are fulfilled. Currently such level of protection can only be achieved with fabric weights far beyond 500g/m2.

First wearing trials have shown that this weight reduction has enormous improvements for end-users (industrial and assembly workers, employees in oil and gas production and also electricians).

Significant requests to this development have also been shown by the R&D and purchasing departments of law enforcement agencies. This is based on the excellent protection values during tests with easily adhesive fire accelerants.

Beside the remarkable technical features the softshellmaterial is very good dye- and printable. This quality of printability on flame retardant fabrics, which are currently on the market, is not possible in that range of colors and brilliance.