Cirrus Research Plc

New noise measurement instruments from Cirrus Research plc to be presented at A+A 2007.

Safety Officers Noise Measurement Kit
Cirrus Research plc will be presenting a number of new and updated noise measurement instruments at the A+A Expo in September 2007. Amongst these will be the doseBadge Personal Noise Dosemeter, the simple CR:306 Sound Level Meter and the Safety Officers Noise Measurement Kits.

The doseBadge Personal Noise Dosemeter has been updated for 2007 with the introduction of a range of new functions and features. The updated version of the doseBadge retains all of the key features that has made it a major success throughout the world whilst adding additional measurement functions and charging options.

The doseBadge has no cables, controls, buttons or displays which dramatically reduces the risk of tampering or damage. The unit is housed entirely in a robust metal case which also makes it very strong and reliable. To illustrate this point, doseBadge was returned for service and repair after it had been run over by a forklift truck. Although the outer casing was damaged, the internal electronics were still functioning. After the case was replaced and the unit recalibrated, the doseBadge was returned to the user where it continues to be used.

The doseBadge is now supplied with a Fast Charge system with a maximum charging time of 2½ hours with the actual charging time often being much less than this.

The standard CR:110A version of the doseBadge is supplemented by the Intrinsically Safe CR:110AIS version. Carrying Intrinsic Safety (IS) approvals to ATEX, EEx, IECEx, SABS and MSHA, the CR:110AIS version provides the same functions and features as the standard version but gives the user the ability to make noise measurements in Hazardous Zones such as Petrochemical Plants, Underground Mines and Confined Spaces.

The latest addition to the certification list for the CR:110AIS is an IECEx certification from SIMTARS in Australia.

The CR:306 Sound Level Meter is a new product in the Cirrus range. Meeting the exacting requirements of the new IEC 61672 Sound Level Meter Standard, the CR:306 is a simple noise measurement tool that can be used for noise level risk assessments, verification of fire alarms, basic noise testing etc. Available as either an individual instrument or as part of a measurement kit, the CR:306 is the ideal tool for engineers and anyone who needs a simple but accurate noise measurement instrument.

The Safety Officers Noise Measurement Kits, introduced at the Safety & Health Expo, provide a complete solution for noise measurement. Made up of a Sound Level Meter Kit and a doseBadge Measurement Kit, these new systems can be tailored to cover almost any situation where noise measurements are required.

Housed in a single case, the Safety Officers Noise Measurement Kits are the ideal tool for Safety Professionals who need both a Sound Level Meter and Noise Dosemeters. The kits can be configured from any combination of Sound Level Meter and doseBadge Noise Dosemeter in the Cirrus range, allowing both occupational and environmental noise measurements to be covered.

Cirrus Research plc can provide a range of noise measurement instruments that can be used for both occupational and environmental applications and these three new products give users further options when selecting suitable equipment.