ONGO Seat - Nomination for the 2012 German Design Award

Eberhard Lenz, entrepreneur and designer in Stuttgart, and his team are particularly pleased: The young company ONGO ® GmbH has been nominated with its ONGO ® Seat by an expert jury for the 2012 German Design Award.

With the ONGO ® Seat comes a global innovation: an ergonomically designed stool for active sitting with acoustic feedback. -"Already being nominated for the design award is recognition of our work and at the same time a great incentive for future projects"-, said Eberhard Lenz.

He looks back on 2010 with pride. For the innovative ONGO ® Seat he has already won silver in two other coveted design awards: the FOCUS Open-International Design Award and the FIBO Innovation Award.

The German Design Award is considered as one of the highest awards in the field of design. It is bestowed annually for outstanding achievements in product and communication design by the German Design Council. The competition aims to identify, present and reward innovative and international design trends.

The results of the independent expert panel with representatives from industry, design and media will be announced in September 2011. The presentation of the 2012 Design Award Germany takes place on February, 10 at the opening of the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt.

The nominated ONGO® Seat fulfills at the same time the demands of ergonomic functionality and of good design. It enables active sitting and so prevents a build-up of tension, strengthens the back muscles, and improves the posture of the entire body.

The innovation: The ONGO® Seat has a ball track integrated into its convex base. The convex shape of the base enables the stool to follow every movement of the user, which is then transmitted to the ball in the track. The rolling sound of the ball is the acoustic feedback the user receives every time the sitting position is altered. Carrying out certain exercises, such as circling the hips, will make the ball rotate full circle around the track. Sitting on an ONGO® Seat can even go as far as to provide a specific and effective back workout which can easily be integrated in the daily routine playfully and with no loss of time – at the office, the gym and at home.

The ONGO® Seat stands out from other ergonomic stools not only thanks to its functionality but also its appealing design. It is available in two colors for the body, three colors for the ball track and many different colors for the seat cover.