OSH inspectorate actions to cover diversity at work

The British Health and safety executive (HSC/E) are committed to protecting the
health and safety at work of all people in Britain. Especially they embrace the
diversity of Britain's workforce and appreciate the roles they can play in
eliminating discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity. Their vision
for health and safety is to gain recognition of health and safety as a
cornerstone of a civilised society, and with that achieve a record of workplace
health and safety that leads the world. To meet this considerable challenge
they offer information on:

HSC / HSE Race Equality Scheme

  • Race Equality Scheme for the Health and Safety Commission and the Health and
    Safety Executive 2005-2008  
  • Race Equality scheme - revised September  2003

HSC / HSE Gender & Disability Equality Schemes

  • Equality schemes framework - Disability Scheme and Gender Equality Scheme

The equality impact assessment tool

  • Impact quality assessment tool
  • Why do we need to undertake equality impact assessments?

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